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Build your own Hedgehog house. With web cam too.

This is made from 3/8" plywood. Treat the outside with fence preserver, but DON'T do the inside, just leave it natural.

These are the bits you need to cut out. All the dimensions are in inches. You may notice that the front and rear are 19.25". this is 20" minus 2 X the thickness of the wood. 19.25 + 0.375 +0.375 = 20" . If your wood is not 3/8" then you will have to adjust these sizes and the sizes of the tunnel parts too.

This is the layout I used on my sheet of ply, but it was an odd bit I had.

The bits.

Join a side to the base with wood screws. Pre drill the holes or you will split the wood as you are screwing into the lamination.

Then the front panel.

Then the other side.

Now build the tunnel. This goes around a bend to make the whole thing more compact and gives the Hedgehog security from cats etc.

And a roof on the tunnel.

Now add the back.

The rear panel of the roof.

Now fix the front roof panel to the rear roof panel with two hinges so you can get in when it is time to clean out . I have put in two screws at the front edge to hold the lid shut , to stop cats/foxes. Two small holes will have to be cut in the roof felt later to allow access to these.

Open the lid again to fit the web cam. This one with inbuilt LED lights is good.

In the opposite end of the house I have drilled a 2 1/2 " hole for ventilation.

At the webcam end I drilled another hole that not only give ventilation but is for poking the webcam cable out of.

I then affixed a string to the webcam cable and the other end to the outside of the house. This is so I can poke the cable inside, out of the rain and pull it out when I need to use it.

Now test the webcam with a plastic hedgehog and SET THE FOCUS. You can't do this if there are residents later.

Now felt the roof. Don't forget the holes for the roof screws you will need to remove later when cleaning.

Now weather proof the outside with hedgehog friendly preservative.